Community Involvement

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Creating strong working relationships with the community is an important aspect of crime prevention efforts in Washington Township. The programs described on this page offer the opportunity for residents and businesses to participate with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in fighting crime.

 Crimes  2018  2019 2020 
Homicide 0 0 0
Rape 4 6 17
Robbery 3 2 5
Burglary/B&E 32 39 66
Felony Theft 156  151 249
Arson 0 0  0
Domestic Violence 48 50 156
Drug Abuse 56 47 84

Neighborhood Watch

Deputies at lemonade standNeighborhood Watch groups offers citizens the ability to work with law enforcement to prevent crime. Neighbors look out for each other and act as the "eyes and ears of law enforcement."

While township residents are fortunate to live in an area of low crime, it's important to stay vigilant. Reporting crimes and suspicious activity provides deputies with valuable information that helps keep property crimes in check.

Neighborhood Watch groups typically meet monthly or bimonthly in someone's home. Deputies are available to attend meetings where they can offer updates on neighborhood crime, explain services offered by the sheriff's office, or provide crime prevention information.

If you would like to participate in a Neighborhood Watch or start a new group for your neighborhood, contact Deputy Jonathan Petry, our community oriented policing (COP) officer, at 1-937-432-2758.

Walker Watch ProgramWalker Watch photo of couple and dog

No one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live, walk and run there. Through the Walker Watch Program, walkers and runners can help maintain safe neighborhoods by keeping their eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. For information, contact Deputy Jonathan Petry or at 1-937-432-2758.

Deputies at Whole FoodsBusiness Watch

The MCSO community oriented policing officer reaches out to township businesses with visits and crime prevention information. The goal is to build working relationships and collect contact information so that businesses and deputies can work together to combat crime.

Sharing information is useful for alerting businesses about crimes as well as calling on them for assistance. Businesses who would like to be involved in the Business Watch project can contact Deputy Jonathan Petry at 1-937-432-2758.