Washington TownshipMontgomery County, Ohio

Board of Zoning Appeals

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  • Development Services Department 8200 McEwen Road 
  • Dayton Ohio 45458 
  • Phone: (937) 433-0152 

This page contains meeting dates, the upcoming meeting agenda, and minutes of past meetings.

Zoning Appeals Applications are available for download here.

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) consists of five volunteers appointed by the Board of Trustees to serve five year terms. The board has the power to decide appeals, make interpretations of the Zoning Resolution, grant requested variances, and approve conditional uses. The Board of Zoning Appeals usually meets twice a month at 6:00 P.M. in the Blair Meeting Room of the Government Center, 8200 McEwen Road. The meeting schedule is below.

Members of the board are:

  • Matthew Schmidt (Chairman)
  • Christopher Klepacz (Vice Chairman)
  • Scott Colwell
  • Martina Dillon
  • Ronald Hollenbeck
  • Steven Bitonti (Alternate)

E-mail to board members will be forwarded to them by Development Services staff.

Meeting Minutes

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Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Agenda

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Board of Zoning Appeals 2018 Meeting Dates*

Closing Date Hearing Date
November 17, 2017 December 11, 2017
January 5, 2018 January 29, 2018
February 2, 2018 February 26, 2018
March 2, 2018 March 26, 2018
March 30, 2018 April 23, 2018
April 20, 2018 May 14, 2018
June 1, 2018 June 25, 2018
June 29, 2018 July 23, 2018
August 3, 2018 August 27, 2018
August 31, 2018 September 24, 2018
September 28, 2018 October 22, 2018
November 2, 2018 November 26, 2018
November 16, 2018 December 10, 2018
January 4, 2019 January 28, 2019

*The board may not meet for a regularly scheduled hearing date if no applications have been filed. Before making arrangements to attend a public hearing, it is suggested that you call 433-0796 to confirm the meeting time.

Board of Zoning Appeals cancellations must be submitted by the applicant or their agent in writing and delivered to the Washington Township Zoning Inspector, eleven (11) or more calendar days prior to the case's regular scheduled hearing date. Failure by the applicant or their agent to make such notification of cancellation within the described terms will result in the applicant being required to pay the filing fee again, to cover the costs of publishing, posting and/or mailing notices of hearing or hearings required. Each separate time a hearing date is set for a Board of Zoning Appeals case, the same rules will apply.