Trustee Meetings

Trustee Meetings

*Please note that the noon Trustee meetings have been permanently moved to 4:00 pm.

Township government operates under the direction of the Washington Township Board of Trustees and a fiscal officer. Residents have adopted Limited Self-Government, which allows trustees to enact resolutions, similar to city ordinances, provided they do not conflict with state laws or a list of specific exemptions. Trustee meeting times vary, but usually take place at 6:30 pm on the first Monday of the month and 4:00 pm on the third Monday.

Meeting Date & Time Agenda Packet
June 10 at 4pm  Agenda
July 1 at 6:30pm  
August 5 at 6:30pm  
September 9 at 6:30pm  
September 16 at 4pm  
October 7 at 6:30pm  
October 21 at 4pm  
November 4 at 6:30pm  
November 18 at 4pm  
December 2 at 6:30pm  
December 16 at 4pm  

2024 Trustee Meetings
2025 Trustee Meetings


Washington Township Trustees issue proclamations throughout the year that recognize residents, organizations, businesses, events and observances.