Snow Removal

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Township Road Crews Are the First Line of Defense

When winter storms hit, road crews are on the road day and night clearing snow and spreading salt until all roads are cleared. Snowplow drivers will often work around the clock fighting back hazardous road conditions.

During storms, major streets and thoroughfares are cleared first, along with bridges, school zones, hills and steep incline areas (including those in residential areas). After that, residential neighborhoods with more flat terrain receive attention.

Continuing snow and wind, extremely low temperatures, and ice that intermittently melts and freezes can prolong the time it takes for an operator to complete a route. Snow removal is prioritized in this manner:

  • Major Roads – Miamisburg-Centerville (Route 725), Route 48, Lyons, Marshall, etc.
  • Bridges
  • Steep Hills – Rahn Road, Munger Road, Brittany Hills, etc.
  • School Zones
  • Secondary Streets
  • Cul-de-Sacs & Dead-Ends

Roads Maintained by Montgomery County

The following roads in Washington Township are maintained, plowed, and salted by Montgomery County road crews: Alex-Bell Road, Mad River Road, Yankee Road, Clyo Road, Social Row Road, Austin Pike, part of Paragon Road, Spring Valley east of Route 48, Rahn Road between Marshall and Mad River roads, and Whipp Road from Route 48 to Mad River Road.

Steps Residents Can Take

Residents can help themselves – and others – by taking these steps in the event of a winter storm:

  • If you know a storm is coming, pull your cars into the drive so that crews can do the best job possible of clearing streets. This is particularly true for cul-de-sacs where curb space is limited.

  • When shoveling snow near the end of your drive, make sure you shovel to the left (as you face your driveway from the street). This helps snowplow drivers push snow away from your drive rather than into it.

  • Keep the snow cleared around your mailbox. The US Postal Service is not required to make deliveries if this area is not clear.

  • Clear the area around fire hydrants. In case of a fire, it will save precious minutes.

  • If you have a catch basin in your yard, do your best to keep it clear. Doing so will help water run off and reduce flooding.

Right of-Way Obstructions

Landscaping materials including shrubbery, rocks and boulders, and lawn sprinkler systems are prone to damage by snow removal and other types of equipment and vehicles. The township can not accept responsibility for private property located on the right-of-way.