Countryside Park Master Plan

Countryside Park Master Plan & Upcoming Improvements
Posted on 05/03/2024

The playgrounds and A-frame shelter are OPEN. 

Washington Township trustees have adopted a Countryside Park Master Plan that provides a cohesive and comprehensive design for the 21.2-acre park. Pond and stream restoration work began January 2024 and will be followed by projects that increase user access and amenities throughout the park. 

A fishing pier on Turtle Pond and a new pedestrian bridge over Heron Pond will encourage enjoyment of the rejuvenated freshwater ponds. The addition of shelter houses and public restrooms, alongside improvements to the existing A-Frame Shelter, will expand the community’s options for gathering in the park to enjoy nature and participate in outdoor activities.

Deteriorating structures around Bass Lake will be initially be replaced with an accessible kayak launch, shelter house, and fountain/aeration system.

The plan also proposes the creation of a community entrance plaza that includes an outdoor stage, spray fountain, ticketing building and covered walkways between our east and west buildings, and a consolidated main entrance to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Substantial grants have been secured for the initial phases of the plan, while more are being sought for future projects. Over the coming years, the existing park will be enhanced with investments that further inspire people of all ages and abilities to gather and connect with nature, and each other, for years to come. 

For detailed information about the projects and the current status of park construction, head to our Countryside Park Master Plan Webpage.