Street Maintenance, Repair & Improvement

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The Public Works Department oversees the construction, improvement and maintenance of 152 miles of township roads, including sidewalks, traffic signs, traffic signals, curbs and gutters. The total number of lane miles is about 321.

The department also manages contracts for the annual street improvement program, sidewalk projects, some street rehabilitation programs, and road improvement projects.

Some roads in Washington Township are either state or county roads, and not maintained by this department. They include:

County Roads

  • Alex-Bell Road
  • Austin Pike
  • Clyo Road (South of Franklin)
  • Mad River Road
  • Paragon Road (from 725 to Spring Valley)
  • Rahn Road (from Mad River to 48)
  • Social Row Road
  • Spring Valley Pike (east of 48)
  • West Whipp Road
  • Yankee Street

State Roads

  • State Route 48
  • I-675 and ramps
  • State Route 725

Some roads run through both Washington Township and Centerville, so are maintained by the either the township or the city, depending upon the location.

Centerville Maintains

  • Clyo Road (north of Franklin)
  • East Whipp Road
  • State Route 48 (within city limits)