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Street Improvement Program

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Street Improvement Program this Year Includes 21 Township Streets

A Total of 21 streets, including two commercial and two collector streets, will be paved as part of the 2019 Street Improvement Program.

Spring Valley Road ResurfacingCollector streets to receive attention are Washington Village Drive south of Miamisburg-Centerville Road and Nutt Road from Dayton Lebanon Pike to slightly east of Quailwood Trail. Commercial street resurfacing includes all of Drexel Park Lane and also Lyons Road from Miamisburg-Centerville Road north to McEwen. The other 17 streets in the program are residential.

In total, the program will use an estimated 11,000 tons of asphalt, enough to pave 3.4 acres with a foot of asphalt, according to Public Works Director Mike Wanamaker. This year's program includes:

Road resurfacingNorth
Ten streets will be resurfaced in the area bounded by Alex-Bell Road to the south, Far Hills Avenue to the east, Whipp Road to the north and Mad River Road to the west:
Sienna Street
Rosa Linda Drive
Southview Drive, Alex-Bell to east of Green park
Ryland Court
Sunwick Place
Yorkcliff Place
Estates Court, Alex-Bell to east of Green Park
Green Park Drive
Forestview Drive

North - Seton Hill
This residential collector street will be resurfaced from Marylhurst Drive to Meadowview Drive. A second section, from Meadowview to Wellesley Way, will be resurfaced and also will receive additional work to stabilize the road base.


By the Numbers 

Asphalt 11,000 tons  
Collector Streets 2    
Commercial Streets 2    
Residential   17    
Cost $1.28 million*  

Southeast - Hampton Farm Estates 

Ash Hollow Lane
Tai Trace
Cutlers Trace

Southwest - Washington Village Road Vicinity 

Hawks Nest Court
Robbins Run
Woodgrove Drive

Extensive Curb Work is Planned

About three miles of curb will be replaced this year on 20 township streets, including 17 residential streets and also: Lyons Road from State Route 725 to McEwen Road; Drexel Park Lane; and Nutt Road from State Route 48 to Quailwood Trail.

The 15,974 feet of curb will be installed in a variety of locations, with the largest single concentration in the area bordered by Alex-Bell Road, Southbrook Drive and Green Park. Replacement will be continuous on some streets and completed on an as-needed basis as piecework on others.

Work takes place spring through early summer on streets that are being resurfaced as part of the 2019 Street Improvement program. This includes about 10,258 feet of curb, 68 percent of it continuous.  Work on the other streets -- Eagle Creek Drive, Fox Run Road and Trentwood Circle -- will occur late summer to fall, with additional curb work to take place in 2020. At 5,716 continuous feet, they include the second largest concentration of work this year.

Continuous Work   Piecework
 Southbrook Drive  Seton Hill Street
 Ryland Court  Brookway Road
 Sunwick Place  Siena Street
 Yorkcliff Drive  Green Park Drive
 Eagle Creek Drive, north of Fox Run to Provincetown   Forestview Drive
 Fox Run Road  Estates Drive
 Trentwood Circle  Washington Village, south of SR 725
Continuous & Piecework  Robbins Run
Rosa Linda Drive  Woodgrove Court