Street Improvement Program

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Focus of 2020 Street Program Was Mostly Residential 

Nearly eight miles of road were resurfaced as part of the 2020 Street Improvement Program. The project included 23 residential streets and one collector street, Normandy Lane.

Resurfacing used about 11,955 tons of asphalt, enough to pave just under four acres with one foot of asphalt.

As part of the program, Normandy Lane was resurfaced from Miamisburg-Centerville Road to Paragon Road. The project was shared with the City of Centerville, with Washington Township taking the lead. Normandy is located solely in the township from Paragon to south of Tours Lane, but the rest of the Normandy project is half in Centerville. 

This year's program includes:

Road resurfacingPenbrooke & Yankee Estates
Eagle Creek Drive
Fox Run Road
Trentwood Circle
Tweed Circle
Current Court
Provincetown Road
Burgundy Lane
Tarryton Road
Garrison Court

Grantland, Wilcke & Woodbourne
Jenny Lane
Paddington Road
Banbury Road, from Waterloo Road to Paddington 
Enfield Road
Cheltenham Drive
Cotswold Drive
Kirkstone Drive
Winchcombe Drive
Ashford Drive
Cardigan Road
Heidi Court
Grantland Drive, south of Rahn Road

Wellesley Heights
Wellesley Way

Olde Drummerstown
Southbridge Lane