Do I need to buy a membership to use your facility?

The recreation department does offer a daily walk-in option. Daily walk-in fee provides access to this facility for the date of purchase without having to purchase a membership. Daily walk-in fees are listed below. Residents need to bring in a picture ID with a current address to receive the resident rates.
$2.50 - Resident Youth/Senior Walk-In
$5.00 - Resident Adult Walk-In
$5.00 - Non Resident Youth/Senior Walk-In
$10.00 - Non Resident Adult Walk-In

What are the general open hours for the RecPlex?

RecPlex hours may be found on our About Us page.

When is Open Gym?

Open Gym times may be found on our Sports page.

I would like more information on purchasing a pass.

Anyone may purchase a pass to use our facilities. We have a variety of pass/card types and entry options.

Can we fish in the ponds behind the RecPlex?

If you are 16 or older you must have a fishing license with you at all times to fish in the ponds. Anyone under 15 may fish in the ponds without a license.

Do we supply towels, locks or other personal items?

We do not offer towels, locks or other personal items. Patrons may bring their own items or a lock to use on one of our lockers for the time they are here.

Is there a fee to use the trail at Countryside Park, located behind the RecPlex?

There is no fee to use any part of Countryside Park.

Does the RecPlex have a Wifi connection?

Yes, Washington Township offers wifi access to all of our patrons. Wifi access is free, and available at the RecPlex campus.

Does the RecPlex offer military discounts?

There are no discounts for military.

Is there a discount on classes for members?

Discounts are available to Complete Pass Holders.

Discounts are not available for Active 90, Physical and/or Aquatic Express Cards holders.

Can the A-Frame be rented?

The A-Frame can be rented by residents of Washington Township/Centerville. If you are interested in renting this shelter, please call 937-433-0130.

Does the RecPlex have a family changing room?

Yes, we have one changing area in the lifeguard room. This room has a shower only.

Does the RecPlex offer Lifeguard or CPR Training classes for the public?

The RecPlex does periodically offer Lifeguard training classes. Please give us a call at 937-433-0130 to find out when the next class is offered.

CPR classes are offered through the local Red Cross and through the Washington Township Fire Department. Please call 937-433-3083 to find out when the next class is offered.

May I register for classes/programs over the phone?

Yes, registration can be done online, in person, or over the phone.

How do I obtain a username and password for online registration?

In order to obtain a username and password, please come to the RecPlex to prove residency by bring in identification such as a valid driver's license (with a current address on it), facility pass, utility bill, tax record, or pay with a check, with address printed by the bank.

What is your refund policy?

The recreation department refund policy can be found on our Policies & Refunds page.

How can I find out more information on the WTRC Sharks Swim Team?

Information about the Sharks Swim Team can be found on their website.

Where can I find upcoming program registrations?

Registration Information may be found on our home page. There, you can view our Explore guide with upcoming programs and register.