Volunteers & Philanthropy

Volunteer Opportunities

Washington Township is always looking for volunteers to sit on various boards and commissions including Board of Zoning Appeals, Zoning Commission, and the Visual Improvement Program Committee. These opportunities are an excellent chance to get involved in your government and make an impact at the local level. To learn more about each of the committees, including time commitments and expectations, please send us an email at [email protected].

Volunteers are a great asset to our community. If you have an interest in volunteering, opportunities are available in most township departments – including Recreation, Police and Fire departments. Volunteers are involved in a variety of ways -- helping with clerical tasks, serving on boards, refereeing sports, and assisting with speed control efforts. Contact individual departments for details.

Further volunteer opportunities are available with the organizations the township helps to support – Centerville-Washington History, Americana Festival and the Centerville-Washington Diversity Council.


Volunteers Help Build a Great Community

Volunteers help keep the Township humming – whether they're coaching youth sports, serving on a public board, tending a township garden, or helping with traffic control at an accident scene.

Volunteers share their skills generously with every department, helping with day-to-day tasks. Many important community events couldn't take place without them. The annual Cruise-In to the Ice Cream Social, Americana Festival and Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast are presented almost solely by volunteer workers.

Volunteers also help set up displays at Woodland Lights, assist with historical programs, and represent the interests of residents on township boards such as Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals,Recreation Advisory Board, and Visual Improvement Program Committee.

In other words, volunteers are essential to a healthy community! They help develop a better community by building shared connections and also save taxpayers money through their contributions of time and talent.

More About Volunteers & Philanthropy

Community Service Awards

Since 2003, Washington Township Trustees have recognized Centerville High School students with the annual Community Service Award for exemplary service. 

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Helping People, Help Our Community

The Centerville-Washington Foundation exists to be a community partner for corporate and individual charitable giving, functioning in the formation and preservation of charitable donations, providing services to donors and non-profit organizations and serving as a source of funds for community groups.