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6035 Mad River Road842 Lyncreek Drive8745 Slagle Road350 Greensboro1236 Autumn Wind Court1111 Quiet Brook Trail800 Greenspire Court9531 Bridlewood Trail

6035 Mad River Road

842 Lyncreek Drive

8745 Slagle Road

350 Greensboro

1236 Autumn Wind Court

1111 Quiet Brook Trail

800 Greenspire Court

9531 Bridlewood Trail


Beautification Award Nominations

Nominations are open! Nominate a property today! 

Nominations are accepted in the month of May for June awards, in June for July awards, and in July for August awards.

Beautification Awards recognize township properties with outstanding gardening, landscape design and property maintenance.

Monthly winners have decorative lawn markers placed on their properties and are considered for a Beautification Award which includes recognition at a township trustee meeting and a matted certificate with a photograph of their property.

We recognize attractive properties not only because they’re beautiful, but because they inspire others to maintain and improve their property. The ripple effect results in attractive neighborhoods and higher property values.

Community members nominate properties and residents on our Visual Improvement Program (VIP) Committee judge properties according to curb appeal, maintenance, and the design of green space which includes plants, color, texture and space.

These Properties Were Recognized in 2019

A total of 14 stand-out properties were selected in 2019 for Beautification Awards from the township's Visual Improvement Program Committee (VIP).

Beautification Awards are a way to say thank you to people who work hard to make their yards attractive. Their efforts  benefit the entire community by encouraging others to maintain attractive, well-kept neighborhoods. Winners are honored each October at a Washington Township Trustee meeting that includes a reception and an awards presentation with a slide show of the winning properties. Awards are based on:

    • The use of flowers and landscaping
    • Maintenance
    • Overall curb appearance
    • How well the property stands out in the neighborhood

    Nominate a property today! 

    Beautification Award Winners

    Bob & Judy Murphy
    842 Lyncreek Dr.
    Gary & Judy DeMarco
    9139 Indian Springs Ct.
    Dennis & Margie Green
    9220 Olde Woods Ct.
    Henry & Marlene Maimon
    6058 Mad River Rd.
    David & Beverly Sheridan
    9531 Bridlewood Trail
    Debbie & Dave Callahan
    9230 Olde Woods Ct.
    Richard & Shirley Mehaffie
    350 Greensboro Dr.
    Don & Dru Millward
    9386 Ridings Blvd.
    Paul Speca
    800 Greenspire Ct.
    Harriet Roberts
    8745 Slagle Rd.
    Eugene & Nancy Klimo
    1089 Quail Run Dr.
    Miguel Parilo
    1111 Quiet Brook Trail
    Sharon Dobies
    1236 Autumn Wind Ct.
    Ron & Linda Burdge
    6035 Mad River Rd.


    The VIP Committee

    The VIP Committee, a citizen committee established to help preserve and enhance natural beauty in Washington Township, oversees public plantings, streetscape guidelines and other community beautification efforts.